Our Services Include:

1. Advisory and Technical services regarding potential emission reduction projects around the globe with a focus on forest carbon and clean cook-stove implementation projects with significant benefits to the local communities and protection of biodiversity. 

2. Development of emission reduction projects and carbon finance strategies surrounding these projects.

3. Registration of carbon credits for both compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

4. Commercialization of carbon credits to a diverse range of market players and prominent buyers.

More specifically, CarbonCo can offer the following advisory, technical, project development, and commercialization services.

  • Conduct a pre-feasibility assessment to develop a more complete analysis on:
    • What are certification standards and methodologies would be most applicable (for example, there are several potential standards for international REDD+ and cook stove projects)
    • Review legal and policy developments in host country
    • Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment including political, economic, currency, informational, and project risks
    • Assess potential baselines, leakage, permanence, and additionality of Project
    • Conduct an overview of relevant host country contacts and firms
    • Calculate preliminary financial numbers including revenue projections, estimated budget, and compensation structure;
    • Write a detailed timeline of project cycle and key activities
    • Develop Bilateral and/or Tri-Party Agreements between Project Proponents outlining roles and responsibilities.

If project seems feasible, CarbonCo can then offer to:

  • Manage or help manage the Project according to budget, timeline and contract
  • Write the Project Design Documents (PDDs) for certification
  • Identify and qualify an approved auditor
  • Develop and implement forest carbon inventory and regional deforestation modeling
  • Develop and implement climate, community and biodiversity impact monitoring plans
  • Address any Corrective Action Requests (CARs) raised by the audit team
  • Advise with registration, verification, issuance and sale of carbon reduction credits

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